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The first warning system for the sport of rowing.
Stay safe. Stay focused. Simply Rowing.
  • Object detection from as far as 120m indpenedent of the weather and sight conditions with precise radar sensors.
  • Automatic light in the dark.
  • Mounting to number plate holder.
  • Intelligent acoustic warning.
  • Status-LEDs to ensure correct functioning.
  • Battery lasting up to 4h.


When you are rowing, you do not face the direction you are travelling. Navigation is challenging because you are constantly turning around to check for obstacles and it slows the boat down. It is therefore no surprise that there are more than 1000 collisions with rowing boats every year - and also potential injuries. Our goal is to make rowing safe.

Next steps

  • Product testing is possible in Switzerland starting September 2020.

  • Pre-orders starting in September 2020.

  • Sale of pre-series starting in October 2020.

  • Sale of series starting in spring 2021.

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As a startup we are greatful for new ideas, hints and criticism. Do you want to support us, arrange a contact, help us as a development partner or just tell us that you like our idea? 


Core Team

Kai v. Petersdorff-Campen
Dominik Widmann


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