Using Rowcus is fairly simple.
Building Rowcus is not.
Learn about the complexity behind simple beeps and watch Rowcus in action.


Thanks to the integrated radar sensor and state of the art object detection and tracking algorithms, rowcus is aware of potentially dangerous obstacles. Be it other boats, buoys, swimmers, SUPs, metal poles, the shore or just a brave duck.
Rowcus is also able to classify objects, which allows it to separate harmless waves from potentially dangerous objects.


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Position, speed and heading of all potentially dangerous objects in view are continuously monitored. If rowcus calculates a considerable risk of a collision, an acoustic warning to the user is triggered.
Different rowing locations pose different challenges for rowcus' situation analysis.
On open water, it's all about seeing things early, judging courses right and separating waves from obstacles. On rivers and channels, the challenge is to separate dangerous poles, driftwood and boats from harmless bushes and signs on the shore.
To maximize safety and user experience in varying conditions, rowcus adapts to its surroundings.



We aim to open Rowcus as a platform for developers who want to build functionality beyond collision warning. The hardware is engineered with foresight. 

A wide range of sensors are available (radar, GPS, IMU, temperature, brightness). Output can be generated via LEDs and Speaker. WLAN and Bluetooth are available as interfaces. Applications can be programmed in e.g. Python or C++ and remotely updated on the devices. There are no limits to your creativity - from GPS-based directional instructions to audio feedback about boat acceleration or rowing techniques. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to realize your ideas.       

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Up to what distance can Rowcus detect objects?

The maximum distance is 120 meters. However, the distance to which objects can be detected depends on many factors. Metal objects, for example, are seen at a particularly long distance (full 120 m), whereas plastic objects or living beings are only detected at closer range (30-60 m).

Does Rowcus warn of all objects in front of me, even if they are not dangerous?

Rowcus only alerts you if there is an acutal danger of collision. The software performs a situation analysis. If a collision is imminent you will be alerted. The signal escalates with decreasing time to collision.

How do I know if the device is still active?

You can assure yourself that the collision warning function is active, by checking the status LEDs facing you while rowing. Furthermore, you can choose to activate a relaxed function confirmation sound that pops up regularly and can easily be distinguished from the alarm signals.