• Turning around is annoying. Not turning around is dangerous.

  • Every rower knows what it is like to painfully feel, powerlessly watch a crash or at least to grieve broken oars and boats. Every boatman has paid for the necessary repairs. Worldwide, millions are paid for boat damages caused by collisions.

  • Turning around more frequently is not an option. All rowers in a boat feel the turning movement of the bowman.

    Every bowman knows the distraction of turning and burden of navigation responsibility.

  • Every turn is an interruption. This way the perfect stroke will never happen.

Alex Höffgen,
German National Team

"Every single day I train towards the perfect stroke. Turning around is in my way. Rowcus would be a big help."

Michael Stoffels,
Head of the technology department of the German Rowing Federation

"I would be very grateful for an anti-collision sensor. In the past year alone we saw five major collisions with freighters and anchor chains just in the Düsseldorf area."

Aaron Linden,
Rowing Coach

" A collision avoidance systems is long overdue. Navigating while rowing is a big distraction from improving your technique."


  • YOU row.

  • The SENSOR monitors the pathway.

  • Vibration signals in the CHEST BELT point the way. That's it.


Rowcus comprises two devices. The sensor is attached to the bow mounting bracket. You wear the chest belt with vibrating elements on your back.

  1. Before starting your training, switch on both devices. Check the status LED and off you go.

  2. If there is an obstacle on strokeside, you will feel a vibration on the right side of your back. Hard on port.

  3. The stronger the vibration, the more steering necessary. Harder on port.

  4. As soon as the pathway is free, the middle vibration elements will be activated shortly. Even it out.


Like your coach in a motor boat who gives you steering instructions.


Like having a cox.


For the perfect stroke.    Anywhere.

Get into FLOW and stay there.


Like a light switch.   On. Off. That's it.


Resists wind, weather, and water.

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