Aaron Linden.jpeg

Aaron Linden


Kölner Ruderverein

"Rowing with Rowcus makes me feel much safer. Especially in winter, collisions often occur, which could be avoided with this device."


Beat Soller

Head of Recreational Sports

Rowing Club Zurich

"Rowcus is an additional security. I am less distracted while rowing, and I can avoid expensive damage to my boat."



Rowing crash survivor

Ruderclub am Baldeneysee

"Turning around did not get easier over the years. I was increasingly reluctant to sit in the bow. With Rowcus this changes again."



Pre-oder Rowcus Pioneer for 700 CHF today.

Shipping will start in Q2/2021.

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By ordering now, you agree to pay 700 CHF/650€ per device today. Shipping will start in Q2/2021. We will ask you in a separate email for payment by bank transfer or PayPal. You can choose to cancel the pre-order at any time and receive a full refund of the amount paid.

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We plan to start production at the beginning of 2021 and aim to deliver the Rowcus Pioneer devices by the beginning of the rowing season in early 2021.

Until Rowcus is delivered to you, you may cancel your pre-order at any time, in which case you will receive a full refund of your Pre-Order Payment.

Full refund of the Pre-Order Payment in case of cancellation of the order by us (if the required number of 50 pre-orders for Rowcus Pioneer is not reached by 31.12.2020).


The Rowcus Pioneer devices are distributed as prototypes. We exclude any liability for direct and indirect damages. Please read our Rowcus Pioneer Usage and Liability Policy for more information.